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International Journal of Health, Safety and Environment (IJHSE) is a monthly authoritative, interdisciplinary triune (three in one) journal that publishes articles on all aspects of the interactions between human Health, Safety, in relation to the Environment. The scope of the Journal will be drawn from the brief summary of the various terms; HEALTH, SAFETY and ENVIRONMENT.

HEALTH is the total good, physical, emotional and mental state of a person(s) and not a mere absence of diseases, which the person(s)/individual or nation need for sustainable development.

SAFETY is a state in which one is free from danger or situation that can cause harm or injury to person(s), animal(s), plant(s) or damage to equipment(s)/infrastructures. Safety must be initiated and sustained to ensure the total wellbeing of the environment in its various forms. A practical approach to safety questions can be considered as a control of accidental loss.

ENVIRONMENT includes the Air, Land, and Water in which people, animal, and plants. Environment in this context includes: Natural environment (encompasses all living and non-living things), Man-made environment (Domestic, industrial, machinery, equipments, facilities, etc.), and activities; all of which must be maintained in a healthful and Safe state, if they must sustain life and living, toward a planned objectives.

Furthermore, IJHSE is a multidisciplinary scientific journal that provides an international forum for the exchange of ideas and information for the advancement of knowledge in HEALTH, SAFETY, and ENVIRONMENT. The aim of IJHSE is to stimulate the discussion and communication among scientists, researchers, experts, and policy makers with different background and expertise, involved at different levels with issues bothering on HSE.

A broad outline of the journal's scope includes:

Ecological Risk Assessment and Management, Economics, social benefit of Health, Safety, and Environment, Ecosystem protection, restoration and recovery, Emerging Issues in Health, Environment, and Safety, Environment, Health and Safety issues in Disasters management, Environment, Safety, and health legislation and its implications for policy making, Environmental Epidemiology, Environmental Management System (EMS), Sustainable Development, Environmental Health Risk Assessment and Management, Environmental Heath Impact Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Management of/for Pest and Vector Control, Environmental Policy and Management, Environmental Pollution detection, management/Control Systems and Technologies, Occupational Safety, Environmental Toxicology (Mutagen, Carcinogen, Teratogen, Environmental terrorism(eco-terrorism/Effects of terrorism on Health, Safety and Environment) et cetera (etc), Food Safety and Hygiene, Hazardous Materials and Toxic Substances Management, Psychological and Social Aspects Of Environmental Health, The Health Implications of a Built Environment, any other issues related to Health, Safety, and Environment is welcomed.

Electronic submission of articles/manuscripts are encouraged. The text should be provided with tables, figures, e.t.c.; in a single Microsoft Word file (preferably in Arial font).

International Journal of Health, Safety, and Environment (IJHSE) is a monthly publication (a volume per year) of the Academia Scholarly Journals.

Types of paper

Regular articles: These should describe new and carefully confirmed findings, and experimental procedures given in sufficient detail for others to verify the work. The length of a full paper should be the minimum required to describe and interpret the work clearly.

Short Communications: A Short Communication is suitable for recording the results of complete small investigations or giving details of new models or hypotheses, innovative methods, techniques or apparatus. The style of main sections need not conform to that of full-length papers. Short communications are 2 to 4 printed pages (about 6 to 12 manuscript pages) in length.

Short Communications/Reviews: Submissions of Reviews and Perspectives covering topics of current interest are welcome and encouraged. Reviews should be concise and not longer than 4-6 pages (about 12 to 18 manuscript pages). Reviews manuscripts are also peer-reviewed.

For questions or concerns, please send emails to ijhse@academiascholarlyjournal.org; info@academiascholarlyjournal.org; academiascholarlyjournal.org@gmail.com