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Call for Papers

Academia Scholarly Journals (ASJ) is an academic peer review journal that publishes original, innovative and novel research articles in most subject areas. ASJ provides a forum for scholars and practitioners in most spheres to publish their research findings or theoretical concepts and ideas of a scientific nature.

ASJ invites articles for publication in the under listed journals:


International Journal of Health, Safety and Environments (IJHSE)

International Journal of Human Kinetics and Sporting Science (IJHKSS)

International Journal of Advances in Herbal and Alternative Medicine (IJAHAM)

International Journal of Advances in Medical Sciences and Biotechnology (IJAMSB)

International Journal of Agricultural Research, Sustainability, and Food Sufficiency (IJARSFS)

International Journal of Advances in Scientific Research and Reviews (IJASRR)

International Journal of Management Sciences (IJMS)

International Journal of Sustainable Transport and Logistics (IJSTL)

International Journal of Wildlife and Endangered Species Conservation (IJWESC)

International Journal of Religions and Traditions (IJRT)


Microsoft Word formats may be submitted online to Acadmia Scholarly Journal for evaluation as an email attachment to the repective emails or info@academiascholarlyjournal.org


Author(s) submission of manuscript will be acknowledged within forty-eight (48) hours, with a manuscript name and number allocated. We will endeavour to complete the review process in a maximum of two weeks. If accepted, the manuscript will be published within a month on our website: www.academiascholarlyjournal.org.


Manuscript should be written in clear and grammatically correct English (with 12 front size and Arial Narrow font) so that they are intelligible to the professional readers who are not specialist in any particular field. Manuscript that does not conform to these requirements and the following format may be returned to the author prior to review for correction. The entire manuscript including references should be type single spaced with margin of one (1) inch each side. The manuscript should be presented in the following order. Title page, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Materials and Method, Result, Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgement, References, Table and Figures.


Proofs will be sent via e-mail in a Portable Document Format (PDF) and should be returned within three (3) days of receipt. Alterations to the text and figures (other than the essential correction of errors) are unacceptable at the "proof stage" and author(s) may be charged for excessive alterations. Author(s) should therefore supply an e-mail address to which proofs can be e-mailed. If absent, authors should arrange for a colleague to access their e-mail, retrieve the "proof", check and return it to the publisher on their behalf.